With a passion for photography and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Terry Theiss is a professional photographer specializing in aerial and architectural photography. While based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Terry serves a national and international cliental ranging from architects, builders and developers, commercial and residential realtors, interior designers, and corporate and civic organizations, to cities, towns, schools, and universities.

Since beginning his career in 1992 as a portrait photographer, Terry has recognized the importance of meeting the needs and expectations of his clients, and has emphasized a collaborative relationship with each one to make sure the creative strategies result in images that capture the thought and emotion they intended. His commitment to staying at the cutting edge of the ever-changing photographic technology has resulted in value added images that his clients are proud to showcase in the marketing of their properties, products, and services.

IAAP – International Association of Architectural Photographers
AIAP – Association of Independent Architectural Photographers
PAPA – Professional Aerial Photographers Association
AOPA – Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

There is nothing that can surpass the impact of aerial images for marketing or showcasing your property. Aerials offer your clients a new perspective that cannot be achieved from normal ground photography. By showing the surrounding area, shopping centers, highway access, parks and the local landscape your property will stand out from the rest.
Terry offers extensive experience in aerial photography of residential real estate, luxury estates, commercial properties, construction sites and gas/oil industry locations utilizing:

• Gyro stabilization to increase image sharpness and clarity
• Wide selection of Canon professional lens to capture extreme wide angle to extreme telephoto
• Airplane and helicopter operations in four states: Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas
• Will Travel nationwide as needed
• Competitive pricing based on flight time and number of photographic sites
• Providing aerial photography since 2001

Commercial photographic images showcase non-residential structures used as entertainment or hospitality centers, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, industrial sites, restaurants and shopping centers, apartment complexes, and religious structures. The photographic images capture both the architectural ambiance and the functionality of the structure, and can be used to illustrate monthly construction progress, support project funding, and annual reports. Framed images of completed projects make impressive artwork for lobbies and conference rooms.
Commercial Architectural photography involves a unique set of challenges and demands on-site flexibility:

• Working around staff work schedules
• Selecting time of day to optimize the photographic impact
• Employing use of a lift or elevated platform for visual perspective
• Applying painting with light technique to enhance the lighting spectrum

Residential photographic Images showcase homes, luxury estates, beach houses, mountain retreats etc. and need to reflect a special kind of mood and ambiance. Each image should invite the viewer in and make them feel the experience of being there. Residential architectural images should reflect the style and personality of the property to insure the maximum effect for marketing and advertising effectiveness.
Using High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging enhances Terry’s architectural photography – all images have this treatment. Several images of the same scene are taken, each with a different exposure. These images are combined and manually blended so there is photographic detail in the darkest and brightness parts of the scene.

The latest Canon cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment are used.

• Specialize in both interior and exterior architectural exposures
• Use specialized “tilt and Shift” architectural lens for perspective control
• Experienced in photographing appointed rooms for interior designer and retail marketing
• Well suited for landscapes, pools, spas, and outdoor lighting
• Expert in the use of Photoshop and professional architectural plug-in software
• Providing architectural photography since 2005

These images feature a variety of photographic themes that capture Terry’s personal interest and provide the opportunity to venture into other artistic venues and challenges. All these images are unique moments in time, a barn or a waterfall captured from the roadside during a family trip or candid portraits discovered during street festivals or social events.
You are invited to review the following portfolios:

• Portraits: Environmental, Executive, Fashion, Glamour, Events, Reunions
• Landscape: Covered Bridges, Country Scenes, Barns, Mountains, Waterfalls
• Transportation: Vintage Cars, Aviation, Railroad, Sailing Ships
• Historical: Civil Wars Sites, Western/Texas Historical sites

Please take a moment to view my galleries. If my aerial and architectural photographic style meets your advertising needs and enhances your marketing portfolio then these “pictures are worth much more than a thousand words.” – Terry